Sinanlı Ambalaj Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret Ltd.Şti has started its production and traiding facilities firstly in Textile Industry after its foundation in 1974 in İstanbul. Then started investment to produce aluminium foil containers for food use due to the quality and compatition at the internationa markets in 2003 for producing food containers, cardboards and aluminium foil rolls.

Sinanlı Ambalaj has the principle of assessing the present and future needs of its clients and in that respect working as a solution partner with the clients ; by placing great importance in pre and post sales service, aims at a containuous collaboration with the community in it.

In Sinanlı Ambalaj, while the aims is to meet and exceed the customer expectations, the activities carried out with the company and the clientele as a whole, the technological advancement are followed on a daily basis. Due to the rapidy progressing demands in the market, Sinanlı Ambalaj makes plans and investments to buy new type of tools, equipments and production lines etc.

Renewing itself constantly and according to the needs of the customer who continue to invest in our company has ISO 9001 , ISO 22000 and BRC IOP. Sinanlı Ambalaj make quality control importantly.

Sinanlı Ambalaj has 300 ton / month capacity container and 100 ton / month kitchen foil. Capacity. Our company serves domestic and international customers and export 32 counrties