About Us

Founded in Istanbul in 1974, Sinanlı Ambalaj first started its activities in the textile sector.

In 2003, with its investments Sinanlı Ambalaj started to produce food containers made of aluminum foil, metallized / Pe laminated cardboard and plastic covers and kitchen foil suitable for these containers in accordance with international standards.

It is a brand that carries its power to today by constantly renewing Sinanlı Ambalaj technology, which has grown with additional investments made in years.

Sinanlı Ambalaj, which has surpassed its competitors in international markets and is the most preferred company in its sector, is the largest aluminum foil food packaging manufacturer in Turkey.

With its wide product range, it provides quality, timely and reliable service to its customers operating in the aluminum food sector in domestic and foreign markets.

Sinanlı Ambalaj produces with the latest technology completely controlled by computer. The products are placed in PE bags untouched and closed with heat treatment, ensuring that the product is delivered to the end user in a hygienic manner.

Our company, which continuously renews itself and continues to invest according to customer needs, offers the products produced according to ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and BRC IoP principles to the service of its customers with a meticulous quality control Sinanlı Ambalaj continues its production based on its environmental policies.

It contributes to the economy and the environment through recycling. Sinanlı Ambalaj shows the importance it attaches to the green environment by sending packaging waste to recycling facilities. In this way, it demonstrates its dedication to the national economy and business by evaluating its own waste as well as working with aluminum, a 100% recyclable metal.

Sinanlı Ambalaj adopts the sense of loyalty, trust, quality, sincerity and responsibility with respect to value of the brand. It aims to establish long-term relationships with its customers together with firm values with close friendships, continuous relationships with its customers.

Sinanlı Ambalaj, which adopts the principle of determining the current and future needs of its customers and working with the customer as a solution partner within this framework, provides continuous cooperation with the companies with which it is associated by paying great attention to pre-and post-sales service.

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